Sticky-fingered thiefs nabbed in sugar test crimes


Undercover police in Phoenix this week busted up a diabetes test strip ring.

Yup, you read that right.
Samuel Camerano, 49, is charged with trafficking in stolen goods. He allegedly buys stolen test strips and resells them on sites such as ebay and to other distributors who then sell them back to the pharmacy.
According to an article on, police said that during the operation Camerano bought 30 boxes of test strips with a value of $2,254 for only $215 on five different occasions believing them to be stolen property. Authorities said the final sale of test strips to Camerano was on Oct. 8, and he was arrested and charged with trafficking stolen property immediately following the transaction.
Police launched their investigation when area Target stores reported an increase in test strip thievery.
In Sarasota, Fla. sheriff's deputies arrested to people, also for stealing test strips—and, randomly, cologne—from two area Target stores.
Personally, I wonder what Target is thinking? I can't even buy store brand glucose tabs without getting a pharmacy staffer to unlock the case for me (and if you've followed my CVS saga, you know how I love to interact with them).

But I digress. Once again, I must ask, why, oh why, do test strips cost so much?

Theresa Flaherty