Sleep apnea? There's an app for that.


This is kind of cool.

The Reggie White Sleep Disorders Research and Education Foundation has developed a free iPhone application that enables users to determine if they are at risk for obstructive sleep apnea. The "app," Sleep Well, combines three screening tools used by sleep specialists to determine an individual's risk of having or developing the sleep apnea.

The app also includes a feature that will list nearby sleep disorders centers for users. iPhone users can get the app at

Theresa Flaherty


I think this is a great idea. Many people have heard of sleep apnea, but most have no idea about the possible negative impact sleep apnea can have on blood pressure, heart function, and others. Studies estimate that 20 and possibly as many as 40 million Americans have sleep apnea. Most are undiagnosed. Let's get this message out any way we can!
Don Causey
Costrini Sleep Services
Savannah, GA