Shouting into the void? Some days I feel like screaming, too.


I believe there's a saying that 5% of the people do 95% of the work.

It's a comment that's been made to me many times over the years on the HME legislative beat and one that was certainly born out by our September Newspoll in which 62% of respondents say they hadn’t set up a meeting with lawmakers or their staff in their district offices; 77% said they didn’t plan to host lawmakers at their location.

But, it's the all-important August recess!

“I’m just burnt out on trying to get the industry’s point across to anyone in Congress,” said one respondent. “I feel like I am shouting into a void.”

In other instances, the lack of scheduled meetings is not due to a lack of trying, providers say.

“I’ve asked my closest (geographically) Congresswoman for years to meet with me,” wrote on respondent. “She recently announced she is not seeking re-election, so it will never happen.”

I don't totally understand folks who do nothing but I certainly can't fault providers for being burned out by the whole prospect of advocacy. I hear ya! Confession time: There are days when the prospect of writing yet another story about competitive bidding makes me want to scream. But I refrain. Not only would it not solve anything, editor Liz would tell me "tough luck."

But all that burnout is balanced by the news in today's email inbox recounting visits that have taken place in the past week, including visits in Wisconsin, North Carolina, New York and New Mexico. Upcoming visits will span New England, thanks to the hardworking folks at HOMES.

Next weekend is Labor day and the unofficial end of summer. I'm kind of looking forward to getting back to work with a renewed focus and energy.