Say it ain’t so


While making calls for the December issue, an industry source asked me whether I had noticed participation in state association events dwindling. The attendance was “abysmal,” he said, at each of the state association events he has spoken at this year. When the source sought answers from executive directors, they told him: “Accreditation is over. National competitive bidding is the law of the land. People don’t feel the need to learn anything anymore.” Say it ain’t so.

It’s long been an industry gripe that not enough providers participate in AAHomecare and state associations. Call me naïve, but I thought national competitive bidding had changed all that once and for all, especially for state associations. Providers will claim that, now more than ever, they’re strapped for cash and time, and I believe them. But being involved in state associations takes so little effort. The membership and meeting fees are reasonable, especially when providers consider what they get out of them, and it’s a lot easier to drive or fly a short distance to a state association event than it is for other events.

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The state associations aren’t giving up on providers—“Just as providers should adapt to the new reimbursement environment, so should associations,” said one executive director—nor should providers give up on them.


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