Sales reps and the kiss of death


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One of the most important jobs any HME owner or manager can perform is to make sure your sales reps are engaged and motivated. If they aren’t, kiss your growth goals good-bye.

In this HME News TV interview, consultant Ty Bello discusses how to motivate your sales reps and how to hold them accountable. He also addresses compensation.

There’s a very good reason Ty is in demand as a consultant and speaker at industry events: He’s very good. This interview proves that once again.

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— Mike Moran

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Mike, I have written to you many times and you have published what I say many time. I just wanted to mention something I noticed today as I am having my coffee and watching Fox News. They were talking about the the new Cash for Clunkers program introduced by our government. Well after listening to most of it, I started to see a similarity in this program with the HME industry.. People bring there cars in to trade on a new car with a up $4,500 discount. Here are the similarities... The dealer sells them the car, promises them the rebate, lets them drive away with a new car and much like a DME dealer and Medicare they submit for payment and never know if or when they will get paid. They put their product out there at their expense and keep their fingers crossed for payment before they sell too many and have to go out of business. The even more similarity is this... The government will deny the rebate if the determine the process was not completed to the government's satisfaction. You can't get any more similar than that if you think about it. We get denied everyday because Medicare says we did it wrong.. Thank to Fox News for allowing me to point out this similarity.