For sale: One CPAP, slightly used


Do you snore? So asks a classified ad that appeared in the pages of Uncle Henry's this week, a regional catchall publication of anything you could ever hope to buy, sell or trade (the co-worker who handed me the ad was herself trying to unload some copper tubing).

The seller is offering up the machine, complete with hose and mask, for $400, a steal considering they paid $2,000 for it new.

I am going to go out on a limb here and suggest that the seller tried the therapy and didn't like it. It's noisy, it's uncomfortable, it's definitely un-sexy. For every CPAP success story we read (or write) about, I wonder how many hidden failure stories are out there. Would a different mask have helped this person? Did he not get the support he needed from his provider?

Theresa Flaherty



They are live savers, plain and simple. There are enough other issues to have to wonder about not to recognize the importance of this equipment in one'e own health and well being. My hubby and I both use the C-PAP, and while it helps me with the aspiration/cessation difficultities I would otherwise have, it helps my husband controll his arythmia. We wouldn't Ever consider NOT using these devices.