A sad day in America



The Bush Administration is taking some more hits over its shoddy treatment of veterans.

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Over the next decade, disability costs for injured vets returning from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan will be at least $60 billion dollars (some of that, undoubtedly, will be for durable medical equipment such as power wheelchairs and prosthetic legs and arms). That $60 billion is more than six times the Bush Administration’s official estimates, according to an article in this week’s Newsweek, “How Do You Fund a War, But Not the Casualties?”

A new VA study shows that the number of vets diagnosed with post-traumatic stress syndrome is rising rapidly, from 29,041 a year ago to 48,559 this year. Few of these soldiers are counted in the Pentagon’s official tally of 27,753 wounded in Iraq.

The administration’s underestimate of what it will cost to treat our soldiers has angered some vets and their families, Newsweek reports.

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“I would love to have the president live my life for one week to see how difficult it is,” said Annette McLoed, whose husband, Wendell McLoed, suffers from PSTD after serving in Iraq. “How do you fund a war but not fund the casualties.”

When you consider this story, and the news earlier this year about the horrible conditions at Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington, the good work of HME provider Pete Lancaster Imagine That movie download shines even brighter. Lancaster, you might remember, found his “passion” helping to fit and repair wheelchairs for disable veterans.”

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While you wouldn’t know it from the Bush Administration’s poor behavior, all you have to do is look around a little to find heroes abroad and at home. With that in mind, we should all say: Thank you, Pete Lancaster.

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