Red or blue? I'll take Santa instead!


When Editor Liz offered up her monthly list of suggestions for the front page of our next issue she included a photo, submitted by the Friends of Disabled Adults and Children, of Santa and Mrs. Claus. Perfect timing for December, right?

Then she (briefly) backtracked, wondering if maybe we should go with a photo of Congressman Price taken at Medtrade.

“I think we could all use a little Santa on the front page,” I said.

For while Dr. Price is indeed, a true HME champion, this conversation took place the day after the most brutal presidential election unlike anything anyone—no matter what side of the color line you fall on—has ever seen.

Frankly, I'm sick of the election, politics and politicians.

Now the country must move forward, preferably together. Despite my fear and disappointment, I tell myself to remain positive (not the most natural state of being for me in the best of circumstances).

I spoke with several industry stakeholders this week to see what impact a Trump presidency could have on the industry. While it’s certainly too early to know with any certainty, they all agree that a pro-biz prez could be a good thing for HME.

Speaking of remaining positive: that seemed to be the general mood of folks who attended Medtrade in Atlanta last week. While there are always the doomsayers, I think, for the most part, people know they have to figure out new ways to make it work. Like the turmoil the election has cast upon America’s political system, the HME industry as we know it is long gone.

Ironically, this year we celebrated the Year of the Women: women were honored with the industry's two major awards, one the inaugural HME Woman of the Year. I actually cringed as I typed that headline on page 4 of hte December issue because Hillary.

You can either curl up into a whimpering ball (something I know many women contemplated on Wednesday morning) or you can pull yourself together, paste on a smile and get to work.

Either way, hang on folks, it’s going to be a bumpy ride.