Rainy days demand good news


We’re entering our second day of clouds and heavy rain in southern Maine. We absolutely need the precip, but the weather’s pretty uninspiring.

Yes, I’d rather be napping.

I usually get started here trolling Twitter and Googling to see what’s going on in the world, and it’s always a better day when I unearth some good news first thing in the morning.

Cool products, like the Paramobil device featured in this story, fall squarely in that category.

It’s a greens-friendly wheelchair that allows the user to stand up to play sports, like golf.

I’ve been prohibited from sporting only a few times, and those stretches of a few months felt like forever to me. I can’t imagine not being able to play, and love seeing innovations that allow more people to stay in the game, even after devastating injuries. 

And, the Stand Up and Play foundation, in Wisconsin, has some of the devices for use free of charge. It’s good stuff.

Lucky me, I also came across a story about a dog, and I’m such a sucker for dog stories (we have three: Barley, Beagle the Beagle and Fafnir, a livestock guardian dog named after a dragon in Wagner’s Ring—seriously). 

When Florida dog Wally, a Jack Russell, became paralyzed his owner headed to her local Home Depot for some wheelchair-building supplies. She got a whole lot more: two Home Depot staffers built Wally a wheelchair themselves, and the store wouldn’t charge for supplies.

It’s good timing, since my husband and I were discussing our old dog’s need for a wheelchair just last weekend. A lifelong fetch fanatic, Barley is paying the price in a big way with arthritic paws and wrists. Along with lots of supportive therapy, we’re toying with the idea of making a sling system to get her off her front paws.

If we make it past the prototype stage, I’ll post pictures.