The princess slept very well, thank you!


In the game of life, it’s not uncommon to receive congratulations when someone learns you’ve bought a new house or car. This, despite the idea—at least to me—that I am also being congratulated on incurring debt that I will be making monthly payments on for (gulp) years.

It turns out, the same is true when one buys a new bed, or at least, when one buys a new bed and announces it on Facebook, proclaiming “It’s here! First brand new bed since forever.”

Which is true. I’ve dumped the platform bed/futon mattress combo that has served me well since 2001 in favor of an actual mattress and box spring, on a bed frame with—wait for it—headboard and footboard.

I’ve received many “congratulations,” been told “awesome,” asked how I slept on the new bed (quite well, I promise you) and been assured that investing in a good bed (therefore investing in good sleep for good health), is “worth every dime.”

I also got a “how did you sleep princess?” text from Mom, who provided partial funding for said bed. (Hopefully, she wasn’t being sarcastic).

Apparently, I am surrounded by people (not just CPAP providers) who get it: Sleep is essential.

I am already sleeping better, and the aches that came after balancing on a bed that had started to fall apart, have dissipated. Nothing that I had stored under the bed fits there any more, I can’t open the doors to the TV cabinet at the foot of my bed because the footboard takes up just that much space, and I can’t reach my very short nightstand because the new bed towers over it. If I were short, I'd need a running leap to get into it.

I don’t care.

Now, I just need to have the strength to not rush to Macy’s and buy all new bedding.

Sweet dreams!