Politics and the HME conundrum


As a reporter I try to stay away from talking about politics outside my inner circle.

But, with the 2016 presidential election looming, I think politics is very much on everyone’s mind.

We recently ran our once-every-four-years news poll about the election.

After much handwringing and discussion on our parts over whether we should include all candidates and all parties; and whether voters could select undecided, none of the above or some other options, we went with Clinton/Trump/undecided & Republican/Democrat or none/independent.

Several readers wrote in with their vote for Gary Johnson and took us to task for not being more inclusive, but frankly, most providers skew, and have always skewed, Republican.

I was still surprised by how many providers said they would vote for Trump.

But I respect the right of you all to vote for the man. I’m sure you have your reasons and, judging from your comments, you’ve made carefully considered decisions.

As a Bernie supporter, I will cast my vote for Hillary Clinton, though she raises many, many concerns for me (her email server, however, is not one of them).

I always find it an interesting conundrum that providers face. As business owners, they are rightly concerned about onerous regulations and I don’t disagree that in that sense, they are better off voting Republican. But as business owners who make much of their living off of programs like Medicare/Medicaid they should be voting Democrat, no?

Back to that news poll: I think Lisa Wells, admittedly a consultant, not an HME provider, summed it up well when she said: “I’m always shocked to see how polar opposite that many of our industry leaders are with their choice of political party vs. the majority of the wheelchair users I serve. It’s mind boggling.”