NSC update: Score one for the little guy


I just got off the phone with a very-relieved Brad Watkins, a provider in Oregon who has been battling the NSC to get his billing number reinstated. Brad got word today from the industry's least-favorite agency telling them he has been reinstated and can bill retroactively back to Sept. 30.
He had to throw some weight around.
"In order for our app to get through NSC we had two congressional inquiries from our representative and a senator," said Watkins. "The same day I heard they were looking into our app is also when I heard from NSC asking for more info on our app."
Watkins doesn't have too much time to savor his victory. The NSC mess ensnared his Medicare Advantage business.
"They got wind of all this and sent out this horrible letter about us basically saying we committed Medicare fraud," he said.

Theresa Flaherty



Providers , beware, we were informed thru nsc we could retro bill from sept 30, we did and everyone was denied ! we contacted nsc spoke with 3 different representives they ALL stated we could retro bill, we contacted them again after all of the deniels, THEY stated no, only from Jan 25,2010.
We are a small hme in rural appalachia ohio,we only employ 7 people, this whole mess ruined my small business, venders were not understanding and cash flow was beyond critical . We have cut hours of employees, and we despertly need the "LOST" revenue which is owed to us!!!! thank you ,