No Rx for pharmacists at PAOC


The first meeting of the new Medicare Program Advisory and Oversight Committee (PAOC) is coming up in June. The committee advises Medicare on the implementation of national competitive bidding (that doesn't mean Medicare takes their advice).
One group of providers who aren't represented: Community pharmacists. Although many small independent pharmacists also face competitive bidding, accreditation and surety bond requirements, they have no seat at the table, points out former PAOC member Bill Popomaronis, who is also vice president, long term and home health care services for the National Community Pharmacists Association (NCPA).
"If you look at the National Suppliers Clearinghouse Web site, pharmacists have 1 out of every 3 numbers," he said. "To not have any pharmacist, whether from a community pharmacy or one of the chains on the PAOC is quite a concern for me."
NCPA is currently supporting legislative efforts that seek to exempt pharmacists from accreditation and surety bond requirements. For more information:
Theresa Flaherty