On my recent dereliction


It’s hardly the middle of August, and the weather in Maine is taking a decidedly autumnal turn. We hear crickets instead of frogs, the dew is heavier and slower to dry, and it’s time for the last cutting of hay—seriously, nothing caps a work day like stacking a hundred bales of hay!

Over the summer, I’ve developed this pattern here at HME News. Every two to three weeks, Managing Editor Theresa Flaherty emails or stops in and says, “Time to blog,” and I spend the afternoon hunched over a notepad, wracking my brain for a blog topic. She’s reminded me two or three times to write this particular installation. If they keep a performance log, I bet I’m racking up some serious demerits in this category.

It’s not so much that I hate blogging as that I’m really, really forgetful. This morning, for instance, a certain Officer Young from Cumberland County Police Department was kind enough to pull me over on my way to work and let me know my car registration is overdue. By 221 days. I’m sure at some point I meant to do it, but then other things happened, and here’s me with a court date in September.

Nobody relishes the car registration process (which, in Maine, is exorbitantly expensive, by the by), but blogging … It really can’t be this hard.

Short-term memory aside, here’s the problem: I rarely know what to write, what you fine folks find interesting, or want to read about in a blog on our website. 

So, what do you want to see here? We can talk farming in Maine, food, wars, current events, happy mobility stories gathered from the interwebs, crazy news stories … I’m open to suggestions.