My pharmacy, part two


So, I hauled my insurance card into CVS on Wednesday, handed it to a tech and said I was told my info was no longer on file. I think my info was on file, from her reaction when she punched in my name, but she humored me and pretended to re-enter it. I then asked for two more of my scripts to be filled for pick-up later that afternoon. They went ahead and filled a third one for me that I didn't ask for, one that they either didn't bill to insurance or that insurer has decided not to pay (after 10 years of paying). When questioned, the tech at the register (same unhelpful one from Sunday) said I needed a new insurance card. (Yet, the insurance company paid for the other two scripts??).

"If I needed a new card, why wasn't that mentioned this morning when I brought in the old one?"

(Shrug): "I don't know who you talked to."

That was it, her response. A shrug and no offer to actually help me figure out what was going on. There were a few other snags yesterday afternoon during the same visit to CVS, but they all cycle back to the same issue: rude, crappy customer service. In this day and age, rude, crappy customer service just doesn't cut it for me, for any one.

Accepting suggestions for what the acronym CVS really stands for.

Theresa Flaherty



Certainly got us thinking here are work, expect a few replies later.