It's official


President Obama signed HR 3663 into law. Pharmacies have another 3 months to complete the accreditation process.

NCPA executive VP and CEO Bruce Roberts said the association continues to work toward a permanent exemption as well:

“With the signing of H.R. 3663 into law by President Obama, Congress now has a three-month window to add pharmacists to all the other health care providers exempt from the time-consuming, costly, and redundant Medicare Part B DME accreditation requirement.  Both the House and Senate have included pharmacy exemption provisions in the health care reform proposals working their way through Congress. When this permanent solution is added to this temporary solution of a delay, seniors will be the ones who truly benefit. They will be able to continuing getting these critical medical supplies, like diabetes testing strips, from their local pharmacy where many of their health care needs are being met. Without additional action, thousands of independent community pharmacies will be forced out of the program.”

Theresa Flaherty