If you plan to take part in competitive bidding, you need to read this


buy The Hollywood Sign When it comes to Medicare’s competitive bidding program, providers who plan to bid should keep in mind this old saying: “You can’t sell at a loss and make it up in volume.” кончила видео онлайн секс видео

That’s how ROHO Group executives Dave McCausland and Tom Borcherding end their article “Competitive Bidding, Your Roadmap to Smart and Successful Bidding Strategies.”

Chelsea Girls full movie Freedomland In reading through the article, two points hit me. One, if you're not smart about crafting a bid, you’re likely to bid lower than you need to. (Who wants to do that?!). And two, it’s in every provider's best interest to use a bid strategy that maintains a reasonable reimbursement level. Only by doing that can you preserve access to the goods and services patients need.

If you plan on bidding, this article is required reading.

– Mike Moran

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