I guess veggies just aren't sexy


I'm all for fundraisers to support diabetes research and programs, especially for type 1. Really.

A supermarket chain in the Charlotte area this past weekend held a fundraiser for Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. For a donation, you can get a hot dog, a root beer float and a cookie. First, let me say kudos to the business that puts up the time and money  for this event.

But this fundraiser kind of leaves type 1's with an empty plate. None of those are healthy food choices, for anyone. And, despite the common misperception among the masses that eating poorly contributes to type 1 (it doesn't), I still don't think is the best sort of message to be sending. The fat/calories/sodium content alone should be enough to send us all screaming to the salad bowl.

Don't even get me started on the carb count.

Theresa Flaherty