Humility. Passionate commitment. Great achievement.


I have been thinking about Dr. Tom Petty off and on for a week or so, ever since I learned that he died on Dec. 12. I didn’t know Dr. Petty very well, but we did talk several times by phone, and I always enjoyed those talks. The father of long-term oxygen therapy took LTOT seriously, but not himself.

Every time I called Dr. Petty or he called me, he would say: “Hi, Mike. This is Tom Petty.”

I, of course, called him Dr. Petty. But in his mind, he was Tom.

Joe Lewarski, vice president on Invacare’s respiratory division, referred to Dr. Petty as “a good example of a passionate, committed individual.”

Long-time friend Patrick Dunne, described Dr. Petty as “very humble, and at the same time very brilliant.”

Humility. Passionate commitment. Great achievement.

That is not something you see everyday.

— Mike Moran