How I'll be spending my time at Medtrade Spring


No, I won't be at the wave pool at The Mandalay Bay. (Isn't that cool, though?)

I'll be taping some 20-plus HME News TV interviews adjacent to the HME News booth #1104. It's a jam-packed schedule with some familar faces and some new faces—everyone from billing buffs to lobbying giants to legal eagles.

Wednesday, March 20

10:30    Bruce Brothis                     Allegient Billing & Consulting
11:00    Cara Bachenheimer           Invacare
11:30    Bill Stelzer                          Bill Stelzer Consulting
12:00    Sarah Hanna                      ECS Billing & Consulting
12:30    Gary Long                          Brightree
1:00      Martin Szmal/Dan Fedor    The Mobility Consultants, LLC
1:30      Craig Hittle                         Somerset CPAs
2:00      Louis Feuer                        Dynamic Seminars & Consulting/MedComment Center
2:30      Gabe Buckner                    Strategic AR
3:00      Denise Fletcher                  Brown & Fortunato
3:30      Don Clayback                     NCART
4:00      Roxie Murray                      Jaysec
4:30      Clint Geffert                        VGM & Associates

Thursday, March 21

9:30      Jim Holligshead                 ResMed
10:00    Rick Worstell                     Harrington Management Group/The Audit Team
11:00    Kevin Gaffney                    Neilsen/Medtrade
11:30    Seth Johnson                    Pride Mobility Products
12:00    Mike Sperduti                    Emerge Sales
12:30    Jay Witter                          AAHomecare
1:00      Wayne Grau                      The MED Group
1:30      Cy Corgan                         Pride Mobility Products
2:00      Chris Kinard                      QS/1
2:30      Jon Jasperson                  DMETrain

Also, here's a shout-out to some peeps I've already seen today: Kevin Gaffney, The McDevitts (Ryan and Anna), Tyler Wilson, Peggy Walker, Christina Brown, Shelly Prial. Here's to seeing many more of you in the next two days!