Healthcare reform: Moving fast?


The Associated Press reports that the Ways and Means and Education and Labor committees expect to vote on the House's healthcare reform bill today. A third committee, Energy and Commerce, will consider the bill today, but a group of fiscally conservative Democrats called the Blue Dogs will make the road to a vote more bumpy. The Blue Dogs hold more than half a dozen seats on the Energy and Commerce Committee. The House bill includes oxygen and wheelchair provisions.

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Outlander rip The Senate Health Committee passed a healthcare reform bill yesterday. There are no cuts to oxygen or other DME in the bill, according to The VGM Group. The Health Committee's bill will be combined with an as-yet-written Finance Committee bill.

And this is interesting: President Barack Obama wants Congress to surrender much of its authority over payment rates for Medicare to a new executive agency, the The Medicare Advisory Council, according to Politico.

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This new Medicare Council looks to be especially dangerous, in particular if it's staffed with docs, hospital administrators and "health policy" specialists. Many of these groups have vested interests in keeping their reimbursements high to the detriment of HME and our patients. We need to watch this very closely and be sure if the proposal is successful, that we have a seat at the table.

It's time for the HME industry to stop crying and stop wasting your time trying to lobby the morons in congress. Obama is nothing more than an idiot socialist.