Has the NSC got your number?


What's going on over at the NSC (Not Synergistic with CMS)? We ran a story last month about providers whose Medicare supplier numbers have been in limbo for months. Some had their numbers revoked; some gave them up until they could complete their accreditation surveys or obtained surety bonds.

I have received several calls in the past couple of weeks from providers still seeking answers, or, better yet, their billing privileges. Trust me: that makes us sit up and take notice.

It would seem the NSC (Not Sure of Clarifications) ain't giving the numbers back. What's worse, providers can't even get an answer from the NSC (Now Stop Calling). Providers can call no more than once a week, but if they can't get a straight answer, what's the point?

One industry association leader, who told me she is hearing from multiple members with this problem, said when providers do get through (often a rare and special occasion) to the NSC (Not Super Clear) they get a different response each time

Providers just want to know: what is holding up those numbers or when they might get them back.

Having a problem with the NSC? You've got my number!

Theresa Flaherty


I agree with Theresa..You got the same answer everytime you call. NSC(no sure response). I had my application submitted and received by NSC in Jun 2009. What happened to it? Answer it is in process......all the tiime and and everytime.same answer. Also saying that my application is a low priority one because of my area (California ) as one of the customer service people said. When is the priority for applications started. I am about to give up and all of my credentials that I submitted will expire and time to renew but it seems the application is not going anywhere. What's up NSC? Change your guidelines of 60 days..mine is past that now..8 months in counting.

Contact your local Congressperson. Write or fax (I'd fax) a letter to them explaining the situation and the length of time you've had to wait. Be very specific. They are there to help.

We sent our nsc ap in September 2009 and finally received a medicare billing number today...March 31, 2010. and I also got the same response and different response each time...... for the first 5 months our ap was in the mail room in a pile and then is January it was changed to a pile on someone's desk.....but always in process.......all your app is in process. Unbelievable!!! 60 days as advertised turned into 8 months.......wish my creditors had the same timeline.....