GlucoseBuddy and the big fail


This year, encouraged (dare I say, excited, even?) by Diabetes Forecast mag's annual product update, I decided to download an app, the GlucoseBuddy, so that I could log numbers and track patterns (when you have diabetes, it's all about the patterns). Typically, I just let my meter do the tracking.

It should be noted that I don't give a fig about apps in general. I don't play Words with Friends or Angry Birds. Don't get me wrong: I am no Luddite (or is that Philistine?). I love tech and what it does, but when I am done with work for the day, my idea of relaxation doesn't extend to staring at a tiny screen.

But, with my new insurance plan (the one in which my cost of test strips doubles), I may have to switch to a cheapo brand in which the meter can't be downloaded at the doc's office. If that happens I at least want to be able to bring the doc a readout of my latest readings. It's the only way to see what I am doing right. Or wrong. 

So, I downloaded the app, no problem. Figured out how to adjust the settings and the personal identifcation information, Piece of cake. Unfortunately, when it came to entering blood glucose numbers, or blood pressure or insulin doses or anything else, I couldn't do it. I can see where to do it. It simply won't let me. I am unsure if my phone wasn't quite compatible or if there was some unforseen glitch. What I do know is, without those logs, GlucoseBuddy is not my friend.

As with so much we discover with the net these days, you get what you pay for. The app is free. Great. Unfortunately, that seems to mean it comes with no instructions or customer support. I emailed customer support and haven't received a response. To be fair, I want to say that I have seen plenty of user testimony and this app gets rave reviews. However, I can't make it work for me.

I haven't given up on GlucoseBuddy, but isn't it discouraging when you attempt something for the first time and it's a big fail?

Theresa Flaherty