First-month purchase option


This just in, courtesy of an e-mail blast yesterday from NRRTS: It's rumored that, to help pay for healthcare reform, the Senate Finance Committee, like the House Ways and Means Committee, will propose eliminating the first-month purchase option for power wheelchairs. But the Senate Finance Committee may exclude Group 3 power wheelchairs. Officially, members of the Senate Finance Committee left Capitol Hill last week for their July 4th recess without releasing their draft bill.

In the meantime, NRRTS encourages registrants to call lawmakers on the Ways and Means Committee. It provided the following conversation template:

"Please tell Congressman <name>  or Congresswoman <name> that I <live> or <work> in their District and I am opposed to the elimination of the first-month purchase option for power wheelchairs as proposed in the discussion draft published by the House Ways and Means; Energy & Commerce; and Education & Labor Committees. The specific language that I oppose is on page 208-209, Section 1141 of the document. I would like the Congressman <or> Congresswoman to know that this proposal, to eliminate the first month purchase option for power wheelchairs, will have a devastating impact on the quality and access to service for my clients with significant disabilities - who are his <or> her constituents as well."

Liz Beaulieu