Fired up? Ready to go!


We just had a debate in the office here about whether the slogan for President Obama's 2008 election was "Fired up? Ready to go!" or "Yes we can." I think they're both slogans that he used, but I seem to remember hearing the former more than the latter. Wait a minute: Isn't Invacare's slogan "Yes we can." Actually, it's "Yes you can." Close, though.

I digress.

Speaking of "Fired up? Ready to go!" CELA's right around the corner and stakeholders are preparing for meetings with lawmakers about sponsoring a bill that would create a separate benefit for complex rehab. This week,  NCART released an updated proposal paper outlining the benefit (the third such version) and a spreadsheet detailing designated complex rehab codes and payments. Find them here.

Tim Pederson, who has been working on the new benefit with other stakeholders, said about the updated proposal paper:

"We cleaned up the decision tree method that we’re advocating. The process is the same from version two to three, but I think version three does a better job of describing what our intent was. It’s not so much open to interpretation. We’ve worked with the standard power community to help us clean that up. So the writing reflects an actual intention and can’t be expanded outside what we plan to do. We're not trying to redefine everything that's complex rehab—it's what's currently provided as complex and not embellished. The loopholes are gone."

As far as I know, stakeholders are still working on draft legislative language for the new benefit, and they hope to have that ready in time for the event.

See you Feb. 16-17.

Oh, and if you can't make it, don't forget about the call-in on Feb. 16. Register here.

One last thing: Come back to this blog for updates from D.C.!

Liz Beaulieu