Don't miss this: AAHomecare states the industry's case on C-SPAN


When former Medicare administrator Bruce Vladeck made several wildly inaccurate statements about HME and oxygen on C-SPAN last week, AAHomecare went on the offensive, pointing out the error of his ways. No Medicare doesn't reimburse oxygen providers $3 billion a year for supplying beneficiaries with "air," AAH was quick to point out.

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The offensive continues at 9:30 am this Saturday, Sept. 5, on C-SPAN

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In response to AAHomecare's concern over Vladeck's misrepresentations of the HME industry, C-SPAN has offered the association a 30-minute slot on its “Washington Journal” program. Joel Marx, who is president and CEO of Medical Service Company in Cleveland and chair of AAHomecare’s HME/RT Advisory Council, will appear representing the association.  The program is typically aired both on television and on the C-SPAN radio network.

This is great exposure (especially with health care reform in the works), and as close to can't-miss TV as the industry is going to see.

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