Diabetes ruling leaves sour taste


This is a bit off the beaten path for an industry which cares more for people during their golden years, but interesting nonetheless. California's Superior Court last Friday struck down a 2007 agreement between the American Diabetes Association and the California Department of Education that allowed trained school personnel to give insulin injections to school children, something many medical professionals, parents and diabetics support.

Rise the movie The American Nurses Association and several California nursing groups then filed suit, arguing that only medical professionals should be allowed to administer injections. Judge Lloyd Connelly agreed, saying that state law backs them up.

Tenderness move

What all this means is that children who cannot give themselves injections (maybe they are simply too young or scared of needles) must either stay home from school; their parents must go to the schools to give the shots; or everybody needs to keep their fingers crossed that a nurse will be available at the right time. That last part seems unlikely in a state where the ratio of students to nurses is 2,150 to 1, according the Disability Rights and Education Defense Fund.