Baby boomer bulge


t’s the moment home medical equipment providers have been waiting for, right? A 62-year-old retired Maryland schoolteacher became the first retiring baby boomer to apply for Social Security benefits on Monday, setting off what’s being dubbed a “silver tsunami.”

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Many cringe at the thought of about 10,000 people a day becoming eligible for benefits over the next two decades. But not home medical equipment providers. For years, they have waited to navigate this “tsunami” equipped with a boatload of home medical equipment—paid for by Medicare or, even better, with cash—to meet all of baby boomers’ aging needs. They’ve attended seminars by industry consultant Ty Bello on how to capture this market (His favorite number is 7,918, the number of people who turn 65 every day this year). They’ve spent $300,000 like Home Care Medical in New Berlin, Wis., to expand and remodel their showrooms to woo baby boomers and their middle-aged children.

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Type "baby boomer" into Google News to read any one of the 361 articles on the first retiring baby boomer to apply for Social Security benefits. Click here to read a story by The Associated Press. Red Heat movie full

Enjoy the bulge while it lasts.