Monday, September 30, 2002

Dynarex Corp.
Urinary Drain Bags & Leg Bags

Dynex's 2000ml-drain bag offers performance and economy in a sturdy, vinyl construction. These bags feature an anti-reflux valve to prevent urine back flow, a sampling port, a sterile fluid pathway and a teardrop shape for even filling. Leg bags are available in 600ml and 1000ml sizes. A twist valve provides simple non-drip closure. Easy-to-use straps that provide secure attachment to legs.

Booth No. 4937

Attends Pull-On Protective Underwear
Pull-on Disposable Brief
Attends Pull-On Protective Underwear Briefs are designed to be convenient and discreet both for active individuals or for residents currently on a toileting program. The briefs are worn just like underwear, have a cloth-like backing and use inner barrier leg cuffs for better leakage protection. The product also is now available in extra large size.

Booth No. 5727
Perfecta Products
Disintegrator Plus
Needle destruction
Perfecta Products' Disintegrator Plus is a portable, easy to use needle-destruction device. With the push of a button, this unique device creates a small plasma arc that disintegrates a needle into a blunt nub at the end of the syringe. Then, in less than three seconds, the Disintegrator heats the needle to 2,500 degrees centigrade, eliminating pathogens, viruses or potentially harmful bacteria.

Booth No. 210
Shamrock Manufacturing Co.
Sterile Examination gloves
Shamrock's Sterile Examination gloves have the following features: latex; powered or powder free; pairs or singles; small, medium or large.

Booth No. 4169
KEM Enterprises

Air-release vent for ostomy pouches
The Osto-EZ-Vent, manufactured by KEM Enterprises, is an air-release vent that accommodates any ostomy pouch, as well as esophageal fistula pouches and stoma caps. It's a convenient and simple way to release air build-up. The vent is easily attached and used. It gives the wearer control and can be used while swimming and bathing.

Booth No. 421