Study: Bennies satisfied with CB

Sunday, June 30, 2002

WASHINGTON - A new study that CMS will soon send to Congress flies in the face of providers who argue that competitive bidding decreases the quality of service beneficiaries receive.

CMS's Mark Wynn told providers at AAHomecare's Legislative Conference last month that the study shows, overall, beneficiaries are satisfied with the service they've received in the Polk County competitive bidding demonstration project.

Wynn, a senior social science research analyst with CMS, said the study comprised 23 categories, and in 21 of the 23 categories, there was no difference in the satisfaction reported by beneficiaries before and after the demonstration. In the two other categories, beneficiaries reported slightly more satisfaction after the demonstration, Wynn said. Wynn said the study is due to come out of CMS's Office of Research Development Information (ORDI). An official from that office said the report is in "clearance," but she didn't know when it would be sent to Congress or made public. HME