Speaker Q&A: Make branding emotional

Friday, April 3, 2015

LAS VEGAS – How would you define your company? If your answer has to do with products and prices, you have some work to do, says Dave Henderson of EZ-Access, who spoke at Medtrade Spring last week.

Here’s what Henderson, the product/brand manager at EZ-Access, a manufacturer of mobility ramps and vertical platform lifts, had to say about what makes good branding.

HME News: Why is branding important?

Dave Henderson: Branding is what connects you to your customers and what keeps them coming back. It’s an emotional connection that defines you as a company and what you are as a product or service.

HME: What are good standards of practice when it comes to branding?

Henderson: Be consistent. Brand reputation can be lost quickly if you are not consistent in your message. Know what you stand for in your brand. If you cannot define your brand, your customer will never see it. Though it’s important to keep up with the times, riding the wave of pop culture branding often defines you as a chameleon that no one will respect. Don’t define your brand with empty words or promises. Your brand needs to be strong and true, something that you stand behind no matter what.

HME: What are the most important tools HME businesses need to have in their arsenal to reach and keep customers?

Henderson: You need visibility, positioning and value. Visibility would be where your brand is appearing; positioning is where your marketing is pointed. Finally, value is the overall value you are offering customers, including emotional triggers such as customer service. The tool that most businesses have trouble with is visibility, and specifically, visibility online. Customers today are looking to your website for the most accurate information about products you offer and who you are as a company. But many HME businesses miss the mark. They either do not have all their products featured, or their website is outdated. There should be enough information on your website to reach customers who are searching for products you provide, and there should be enough new information to keep your customers coming back for more.

HME: What are the challenges in getting companies to see the importance of branding? 

Henderson: Focus is placed so highly on product and price that people lose sight of who they are. They can’t define themselves as a company, and consequently, do not develop strong branding. Connectivity is often achieved by looking at some major companies that indeed have established a solid brand, regardless of price or product.