Software companies debut fresh looks

Monday, July 30, 2018

Universal Software Solutions and Team DME! are two other software companies refreshing their look. Here’s why.

‘Shiny and new’

Davison, Mich.-based Universal Software Solutions has been so busy developing products that its look has become “outdated and dull,” acknowledges Lisa Anderson, who works in education and outreach for the company.

“Over the years, we just really wanted to deliver the best products we could—we didn’t care if our logo was the most modern looking,” she said. “Now that our products are in great shape, we’re taking the brand in the direction that we’ve wanted to for years.”

As part of the process, USS’s website will also get a new look and new features like a chat function.

“Instead of typing emails or calling with questions, the ability to ask questions will be built right into the platform,” Anderson said.

Additionally, while their products are “in great shape,” USS is preparing to launch a new content management solution named StowPoint.

“We see the need for a storage solution that isn’t just scanned documents,” Anderson said. “This solution can hold video and audio files, and texts. As healthcare moves more into telehealth, we wanted to get into that world.”

USS expects everything to be “shiny and new” in September, Anderson says.

Emphasis on team

With nearly three decades with the same logo, Brentwood, Tenn.-based Team DME! felt it was time to update its look. But don’t expect the company, which provides complete billing software, to “redefine” what it does, says Kent Barnes, director of marketing.

“We want to stay true to the team in our name, but really try to emphasize it more,” he said. “We’re proud that we work with our clients. We listen to them and develop software based on what they need.”

One thing Team DME! will redefine: its tagline, Barnes says.

“There will be people who ask us what we do, so we want to make software more prominent in the tagline,” he said.

Along with an updated logo and tagline, Team DME! plans to update its software and website with a cleaner look, fewer clicks and more mobile capabilities, Barnes says.

“We’re re-modernizing our software,” he said.

At press time, Team DME! was still in the throes of the rebrand, with plans for a marketing push once the process was complete.

“We thought it wouldn’t be that hard, but it hasn’t been easy,” he said.