Provider drops in on CPAP

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

HOUSTON - Health Management Services (HMS) launched a new company in August to help fellow providers increase their CPAP supply replenishments.

Earlier this year, HMS opened up its software program for supply replenishments to other providers. The program notifies HMS when CPAP patients are eligible for new supplies. Employees then call patients and evaluate whether they  need supplies. If they do, HMS ships orders.

The program has been so well received that HMS spun it off into

"The DME doesn't have to buy it, pay for shipping or stocking fees, or pay to have a person in the warehouse," said Jason Holzman, general manager. "We provide an invoice that goes in with the patient's order that looks like it's coming from the DME." has even made billing the claim easy. Providers simply log on to to obtain the delivery ticket, complete with tracking number and patient signature.

A typical order consisting of a mask, headgear and hose, and filters could earn the provider about $125, depending on the equipment, said Holzman.

"What we are trying to do is help DMEs that have a moderate to substantial sized sleep program grow their revenue," said Holzman.

While the downturn in the economy has led some providers to see a drop in CPAP supply reorders, that hasn't been the case here.

"It needs to be a routine follow up so the patient is expecting the call," said Holzman. "If I were to just have a respiratory therapist call up patients when they have free time, then we'd probably see a downturn."