Professionalism will help your business

Thursday, August 25, 2011

YARMOUTH, Maine - Becoming more professional is better for business, better for patients and better for profitability, Joel Marx, president of Cleveland-based Medical Service Co. and AAHomecare chairman told HME News TV recently.

"With all the pressures that we're getting from Washington and CMS, we can't survive if we're not more proficient and effective at what we do," said Marx.

Anything from putting delivery technicians in uniforms to giving marketing personnel iPads will improve your image, Marx said. 

"The consistent quality that you present to your patients and to your referral sources provide an image, and that image is who your organization is," said Marx. "You have to play at the same level as the people you're trying to market to." 

Part of that is making use of the Internet and social media. Marx uses Facebook and Twitter, and hopes to use YouTube videos to help demonstrate products to clients in the future.

"This is how we're going to communicate with the seniors of the future," he said.

Professionalism comes into play in every aspect of an HME provider's company, including hiring practices and customer service, he said. 

"I've always said that you have to act like the organization you want to become, rather than the organization you are," said Marx. 

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