'Paging Dr. Bob Arnot'

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

PALM CITY, Fla. - Connectyx Technologies is the latest HME company to bring a celebrity spokesperson onboard to help build consumer awareness for its products.

First it was Invacare with Arnold Palmer. And then Pride Mobility Products teamed up with Ed McMahon. Connectyx recently hired TV medical reporter Dr. Bob Arnot. The celebrity physician has served as a medical correspondent for both NBC and CBS television networks.

Connectyx President and CEO Ronn Schuman hopes Arnot can help make the company's MedFlash a "household name"--and a retail bonanza for HMEs and pharmacies.

MedFlash is a Web-based system that stores personal health information--blood type, prescriptions, insurance, allergies and other critical data. It also includes a flash drive that allows members to keep a copy of their health information with them at all times. The product has an MSRP $34.95, and allows doctors and medical professionals to view a person's health information online or download it from the flash drive during routine visits and/or emergencies.

"For HMEs, this is a great customer retention tool," Schuman said. "Think of it this way: Sitting down with an HME customer, going through this with them, helping them get it set up; you find out a lot more about their needs are, hands down. It builds the relationship. It can't be beat."

Arnot has been brought aboard as "chief knowledge officer" and is being compensated with company stock. Along with promoting the MedFlash concept, Arnot will produce video documentaries that focus on health and wellness.

Schuman says Arnot is the ideal spokesman for the company because he provides "content and education at the 50,000-foot level."

"We were looking for someone engaging and experienced, and Dr. Bob definitely is," Schuman said. "He is an excellent fit for what we're doing."