Medtrade Spring focuses on ‘intensive’ schedule, with longer sessions, more panels

Friday, March 20, 2015

 LAS VEGAS – To immerse Medtrade Spring attendees in learning, the Educational Advisory Board has switched up the seminar schedule to stack sessions on Monday, March 30, to lengthen and broaden programs to increase participation.

“Many attendees will come to the show on Sunday evening or Monday morning, so we believe that having Monday as an intense day of education programs will be a good use of their time,” said EAB member Jeff Baird.

The busy day of learning at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas will also feature extended 90-minute seminars with more panel presentations, which is something attendees have asked for in previous post-show surveys, adds EAB member Mary Ellen Conway.

“Attendees have said they like to get the broader perspective of a panel discussion and they like to invest the time to learn as much as possible,” she said. “The shorter half-hour, 40-minute sessions don’t always allow adequate time for questions.”

A sharper focus on the industry’s most critical issues is another way to maximize the educational programming relevance, Baird said. The topics drawing the most interest are retail cash sales, marketing strategies and dealing with RAC audits.

“These are topics that are specifically chosen to meet the twin goals of making money and retaining the money that has come in,” he said. “The panels and roundtables will enable sessions to become more interactive, encouraging free-wheeling discussions between speakers and attendees.”

Among the “real world” tools attendees can get from the sessions are text and Power Point materials prepared by the speakers that can be referenced throughout the year, Baird said.

“These materials will be available to the attendees in an electronic format,” he said. “The speakers are committed to teaching attendees how to accomplish their goals.”