medSage offers range of services

Thursday, June 23, 2011

PITTSBURGH - John Durkee doesn't deny the perception that medSage Technologies is "a CPAP company" that, for the most part, helps HME providers contact patients about replacing supplies like masks.

That perception only intensified when medSage was acquired by Philips Respironics, which manufactures CPAP devices, earlier this year.

"When people say we're a CPAP company, it's a completely accurate statement," said Durkee, vice president of sales. "But that's because, while we have other programs, providers gravitate toward CPAP supplies. They're cash-flow positive."

But that's not, by any means, all medSage does, Durkee says. It's also helping providers contact patients about replacing diabetes supplies and TENS devices, and helping providers contact patients to find out if they've received in-patient care in the past month.

Durkee hopes a presentation at the VGM Heartland Conference in June will help drive home the message that medSage offers a range of services. The topic: A pre-recorded survey that medSage developed for Olson to use to follow up with long-term oxygen therapy patients.

"We have turn-key programs, but we also have customized programs," he said.