Med Mart takes its showroom to the customer

Monday, June 25, 2018

CINCINNATI, Ohio – Med Mart’s new “virtual showroom” live demo program is bridging the gap between online shopping and traditional retail.

Launched in March, the virtual showroom allows customers to watch live product demonstrations via 1- or 2-way video while asking questions to one of Med Mart’s 18 product specialists, who are able to hear or read their instructions via chat. For example, customers can ask specialists to recline a lift chair, demonstrate a scooter’s turning radius, or ask to see different fabrics up close.

“Most companies are trying to make things as automated as possible,” said David Fesman, president of Med Mart. “Everyone’s going to automated voice lines, responding by email—they don’t want to generate a phone call—and we're trying to go the other direction and be as hands on as possible in certain scenarios.”

Originally founded as a pharmacy in the early 80s, the company has 78 employees, eight shipping warehouses, two brick-and-mortar stores in Cincinnati and one in Dayton, Ohio.

While the most commonly requested items to demo are hospital beds, stair lifts, wheelchairs, lift chairs, scooters and power chairs, Med Mart’s 10,000-square-foot showroom offers thousands of products to choose from.

Besides providing those who can’t or have difficulty leaving their homes with a better buying experience, Fesman says the new virtual showroom will help customers make the right choice the first time, reducing returns.  

And while a good online retail presence is important, says Fesman, there’s often a barrier to entry when it comes to e-commerce.

“It’s very competitive and expensive to advertise,” he said. “But at the same time, I think that everyone can do retail within reason, with the right amount of funds and the right amount of staff.”