Letters: Education among physicians is a must

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The article was right on target: "Game's changing for home oxygen," May 2011. For 37 years I have been a practicing therapist and saw the home oxygen business flourish when patients need to go from the hospital to the home. Then and now it was left up to RT departments to evaluate the patients upon discharge and provide the needed equipment. RTs are educated and trained in their field better then most for evaluation of the modalities needed. During the evaluation of oxygen devices, we have lost sight of the fact that low dose, pulse dose or intermittent therapy can be the wrong way to go. We have also lost sight of the need to monitor patients that have home oxygen to ensure that the equipment that they do have is working properly. Many times home concentrators are not delivering therapeutic levels to sustain the patients. Interaction and education among physicians and therapists is a must.

-Mark Hill, COO, Smiths Drugs of Forest City