Letters to the editor: Be serious to be taken seriously

Monday, July 25, 2011

Robert is spot on ("The state of long-term oxygen therapy," HME News, July 2011). I would add that as O2 is considered a medication, more emphasis on ongoing O2 evaluation is critical in the MD office. Additionally, separating the cost/reimbursement factor from clinically based model is not realistic. Shrinking reimbursement for expensive delivery systems, in conjunction with unfunded RT home visits, is increasingly not feasible for the HME. This necessitates more direct physician involvement in the ongoing evaluation of O2. At every physician encounter, regardless of the specialty, the MD should address medications, and especially O2 with documentation in the medical record speaking to use, need and continuing need at least at six-month intervals if not more. If we as HME providers take our clinical involvement seriously with less of a Wal-Mart approach, perhaps the payers will as well.

David Hosack RN, manager, HME Respiratory Services, Healthy @ Home, CMC Home Infusion and Equipment