Letter to the editor

Sunday, January 23, 2011

I just read the December issue of HME News. It just made me sick to see the free press provided to The Scooter Store on the front page, touting their donation of a scooter to former President Bush (“Bushes receive ‘gift of mobility’).

I guess this helps solidify the political favors they obviously enjoy with the federal government. They are still able to provide K8023 power chairs within days of contacting or being contacted by the beneficiary. It takes us a minimum of three weeks to obtain the necessary documentation to qualify a beneficiary for power equipment.

I continue to lose respect for your magazine when you portray the charlatans of the industry as some sort of Knights in Shining Armor. It seems you have difficulty in calling a spade a spade.

I’m still clinging to life here in Binghamton N.Y., waiting for the feds to deliver the final blow. I guess then The Scooter Store will step in with that wonderful customer service they provide and repair grandma’s brake cable on her walker, oh yeah, and have the tips and glides that she needs, and go out to her house and replace the hand control on her lift chair the same day it fails.

Oh yes, good things are happening, and I just can’t wait for the results to come in.

–Rex Maxey,

Penn-York Medical