KCI: Data supports remote therapy monitoring

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

SAN ANTONIO – KCI shared data at the recent 2018 Symposium of Advanced Wound Care Spring Conference that demonstrates increased patient therapy usage immediately after patient contact using its iOn Progress Remote Therapy Monitoring. The day following an adherence call, 73.5% of patients increased therapy use, with an average increase of eight hours, the company says. Additionally, as adherence increased, the rate of daily change in wound volume reduction also increased, it says. “Patient adherence to treatment is an ever-present concern for clinicians, and we have successfully harnessed technology to alleviate that concern for more effective home care, and to provide smarter solutions for our customers and their patients,” said Ron Silverman, MD, chief medical officer, KCI. iOn Progress delivers continuous at-home monitoring for patients prescribed NPWT at home. It works in conjunction with the ACTIV.A.C system to monitor adherence and securely transmit data to the KCI iOn Progress Care Network, a group of highly trained individuals who interact with patients to driver proper utilization. The presentation is an extension of a recently published study in WOUNDS.