Heard at Medtrade

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

ATLANTA - During an update at Medtrade on the separate benefit for complex rehab, attendees were given the chance to ask questions of  Don Clayback, executive director of NCART.

Will the benefit include additional accreditation requirements for complex rehab providers?

Clayback says if providers are accredited already, they may have a few extra requirements to meet, but there shouldn't be any significant "additional burden."

Will the new benefit address the lack of funding for all the services provided?

Clayback says they seek to "formally record" all the services involved in providing a complex wheelchair. Also, they'll be looking for an increase in the allowable to better reflect those services.

CMS doesn't understand that it's less about completing a sale than managing a case.

Clayback advised attendees not to lose sight of the progress the industry has already made in recognizing complex rehab. The product category was exempted from competitive bidding and the elimination of the first-month purchase option. "We're not starting from scratch," he said.

Why not have separate codes for products and services?

"It's too risky in this environment," Clayback said.