GF builds community

Company repositions itself as resource to providers
Friday, September 9, 2016

ATLANTA – As competitive bidding drives HME providers to look for new markets, GF Health Products wants to be their connector.

“GF may be best known for one product or category, but where we can also be beneficial is that we service other areas, like extended care,” said Cynthia Counts, vice president of homecare and product management. “We can be their experts in those areas.”

GF has made a number of changes this year to help reposition the company as a resource to providers. One of the biggest: adding a “Community News” blog to its recently refreshed website.

The blog has featured numerous topics not related to the homecare market, including “Safety Features to Look for When Selecting Your Extended Care Bed” and “Improving the Efficiency of Your Ambulatory Surgical Center.”

“HME providers have been coming to us and saying, ‘We didn’t know GF was the largest manufacturer of extended care beds,’ or, ‘We didn’t know you made specialty seating for dialysis clinics,’” said Lawrence de le Haba, senior vice president of business development. “They’re looking at us to see what other markets they can apply their operations and resources to and when they look at our product portfolio, they realize just how broad it is.”

Counts added: “We have people who can go in with them (to these facilities) if they want that business.”

Just launched in March, the blog is already paying off for GF.

“Community News has rapidly turned into one of the most visited sections of the website,” said Lisa Wells, who is president of Get Social Consulting and who consults GF.

Counts said she also believes the blog has resulted in increased sales for GF.

“We’re going to continue on this path,” she said. “I’m excited.”