Education in depth: Deciphering the 6-4-18 code

There is meaning behind the cryptic seminar name
Friday, January 24, 2014

Medtrade Spring organizers are so fond of the numerical sequence 6-4-18 that they are bringing it to the show at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas, March 10-12. On the surface, it appears to be a date or padlock combination, but in reality it is the title of a seminar series that was a big hit at the fall Medtrade last year.

The numbers stand for Six Building Blocks “4” Success in the Next 18 Months. It is designed to help providers “who were struggling, scared and uncertain about their future,” said Show Director Kevin Gaffney. “We continue to believe that if providers can get through the next 18 months, they will be well positioned to take advantage of massive demand.”

Anyone with an Expo Pass is eligible to sit in on the seminars at the spring show, Gaffney said.

The six topics covered in the series are leadership; operational efficiencies and alternative revenue sources; preparing for and responding to post-payment audits and prepayment reviews; “lean and mean” business; retail and cash opportunities; and diversification.

Attendees will be encouraged to re-think their operations and their approach to the healthcare business, said Jeff Baird, Educational Advisory Board member.

“In order to survive in today’s climate, DME suppliers must push themselves outside their comfort zones and think outside the box,” he said. “These programs will give suppliers the tools they need to operate in a non-Medicare fee-for-service world.”