Friday, May 31, 2002

ImPulse Elite
AirSep's new ImPulse Elite offers 2-in-1 conserving technology at every breath for 3:1 or 6:1 oxygen savings, depending on mode. It features 12 pulse settings at up to 6 lpm continuous flow. The ImPulse's battery duration is10-18 months, and it has multiple safety features. It is lightweight and economical, with a three-year parts warranty.

Precision Medical
Offers ease of use and reliability of a pneumatic with the pulse delivery and savings ratio of an electronic. It utilizes a single lumen cannula, and has predictable and reliable tank duration.

Cramer Decker
Electronic conserver that provides convenience and portability. The 1:4 lpm REACT allows up to a 7:1 conserving ratio; uses standard supply tubing and cannulas; has audible and visual alarms; and operates up to six weeks on a single C battery.


OCD 2000
Electronic, O2 conserver with a 5:1 savings ratio. It features one-piece, brass construction; weighs only 14 ounces; and comes with a three-year warranty.


Wave 6200
Sensitive trigger works for mouth breathers. Reliable and economical. Has three alarms: no oxygen flow, no breath and low battery indicator. Each alarm is visual and audible. Provides dose of oxygen at each breath at a range of 1-6 lpm equivalency.


EX2005 PulseDose
Requires little or no explanation for using or setting up. The 3:1 savings ratio means reduced cylinder deliveries. A gold standard of ambulatory oxygen therapy, PulseDose delivers a consistent dose of oxygen at the moment it's most beneficial. Three-year warranty included.
Transtracheal Systems
Scoop Catheter
The Scoop Transtracheal Catheter reduces resting oxygen flow rates 50% to 60% compared to nasal cannula flow rates.

Pneumatic, DEMAND-type, oxygen conserving regulator with tidal volume and respiratory rate flows from 2 lpm to 25 lpm.

Salter Labs
An all-pneumatic oxygen conserver with a patented design, the O2 Xpress features rapid response, exceptional sensitivity to varying breathing patterns, and simple single-knob adjustment.

CPI Click Regulators are accurate and reliable, with laser precision. They're available in many configurations and colors. Buy quality at competitive prices.

Cramer Decker
Cramer Decker Medical of a variety of adjustable and fixed-flow oxygen regulators. All are solid brass core with an aluminum outer body. They are available with flow adjustment dials, internal safety relief valves, and CGA-870 or CGA540 connections, and/ or single, dual, or barbed DISS outlets.

Gauges gages, we don't know stinking gauges gages. The Ingage features internal pressure gauges, internal high pressure and low pressure sintered 10 micro filters, and dodecagon shape.

Safely reduces pressure. Available in several models with a variety of CGA inlet fittings. Features include chrome finished brass body for increased durability, safety relief valve, and three-year parts and labor warranty.

Liquid O2

Small and lightweight, the SPIRIT has a built-in electronic oxygen conserving device that delivers a set pulse volume of gas with each breath. With a capacity of 0.3l, it provides the average patient oxygen therapy for seven hours.


O2 Guardian
Provides access to the liquid levels of storage reservoirs via the Internet. Centralized reports, information management tools and fleet routing / scheduling software allow more efficient operation, reducing delivery costs up to 50%.

Puritan Bennett
The economical HELiOS weighs 3.6 pounds filled, enabling patients to wear it. No tubes, canisters or batteries. It has a conservation ratio over continuous flow oxygen of 4:1 for up to 10 hours of use. The HELiOS is refilled in 40 seconds from the reservoir, which lasts four to six weeks.


Combines reliable PSA stationary oxygen system with proven, clinically effective OXYLITE ambulatory oxygen system. Eliminates virtually all delivery costs and reduces need for service calls.


Easier-to-use ambulatory oxygen system that allows patients to fill their own high-pressure cylinders from an adapted 5l concentrator. Cut operating costs up to two-thirds by eliminating service visits and transfilling expenses.


Portable oxygen concentrator with multiple power source options: AC, DC power, or rechargeable battery pack. No cylinders or refilling needed. At 10 pounds, it can be carried over the shoulder or wheeled on a fully retractable cart. Pending FDA approval.

CP2162-3H and CP2162-6H
New hand carrier for M-6 cylinders. Available in 3- and 6-cylinder styles. Speed delivery time with convenient, one-hand carrying.

DOT-approved, lightweight, steel tanks equal in weight to aluminum. They hold more, cost less and don't burn.
Lightweight aluminum and composite oxygen cylinders for medical use. Luxfer has offered a wide range of cylinders in the industry for more than a quarter century. Recognized as a leader in cylinder manufacturing.

Andonian Cryogenics
Converts liquid oxygen to gas for filling high-pressure medical cylinders. Cylinders are connected, evacuated and automatically filled. Features quiet, electric motor-driven pump that requires cool down for first batch of cylinders filled but doesn't require additional cool downs.

Cramer Decker
For large and small medical gas suppliers. Large, double-decked, angled racks are available for up to 80 cylinders. Smaller, vertical-mounted cylinder racks are available for 12-30 cylinders. Available with aluminum control panels, flush mount gauges, and master valves to aid the filling process.