Brightree does right by providers

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

ATLANTA - Close to 200 of Pacware's 750 customers have committed to or are already in the process of converting to Brightree, company officials said in June.

"The acquisition's going well," said Brightree CEO Dave Cormack.

Brightree acquired Pacware earlier this year. It continues to support Pacware's client-server product, but it's also giving the company's customers the opportunity to convert to its web-based platform.

While software conversions make most providers cringe, Pacware's leader, Byron Maynard, and its 20 employees have remained onboard, making the switch to Brightree as painless as possible, Cormack said.

"The process is smooth, because we have both databases and we've done the mapping," he said. "The second thing is, there are no double fees. While transitioning to Brightree, customers still pay the old maintenance fee for Pacware, and once they're converted to Brightree, they can still have access to Pacware for free."

For customers that choose to remain on Pacware's system, Brightree has increased their monthly fee to, on average, $250, Cormack said (See related story).

"We think the fees that we moved to are more than reasonable," he said. "We can't have a loss-making support and development operation."

That support and development operation includes re-training some of Pacware's employees on the Brightree system to better serve customers that are converting and preparing for the Jan. 1, 2012, deadline for being compliant with new standards for electronic claims submissions (See related story).

"We need to do the right thing by our provider customers and our prospective provider customers, and I think the right thing is to invest with the view that they can see a return on investment in what we do," Cormack said.



This article fails to address the Pacware customers who recently purchased software from Pacware upto a year prior to this acquistion and are now in the position to have to purchase software all over again. Brightree does not offer these customers any discount for our predicament so I have to disagree with the the title of the article. Brightree does not do right by providers. It is clearly unfair for providers who have recently purchased PACWARE at full price to then be expected to purchase Brightree or any other billing service less than 16 months later. Obviously PACWARE did not take their members into consideration when Byron Maynard cashed out on a deal with Brightree. Since the acquisition, my company has experienced more issues than ever with the PACWARE billing system. Their customer support service has become unhelpful and uninterested in problems with the billing system. I reccommend providers beware PACWARE and Brightree, as prior to using PACWARE I was with Brightree and was given a refund of my money due to them violating my contract. I suggest providers take these articles with a grain of salt and rely more on actual customer reviews. My company is now in a position to have to buy new software all over again. Not only is it an issue to pay thousands of dollars for new software, but also my whole staff has to be trained on a whole new software. Pacware and Brightree are doing nothing but causing lost revenue for providers, and if that's what your looking for in HME billing software then they are the company for you!



This comment / thread was brought to my attention and there are some corrections & clarifications that may help.   Suprising how much time has passed now but the "conversion count" of pacware customers upgrading to brigbtree has now exceeded 400 upgrades.  Further:

   1.  We have provided discounts and extra consideration for compaines who want to upgrade from the old legacy system

   2. The upgrade and conversion is in fact faster, more streamlined and easier than in the past (since we have done 400+ upgrades, the process is improved and we have staff and help who are very familiar with the old system and the differences in the new system )

   3. Companies that do the upgrade do it because it improves their operation, not because they are expected or compelled to do so.  (and the upgrade helps providers tremendously-- and we all need all the help we can get! )

   4. Indeed conversions do cost money and time for providers, but the end result is extremely positive, as once you are through the conversion you will enjoy tremendous beneift from the modern system.  Companies typically report faster collections, increased revenue, and more efficiency out of their employees.  And indeed, we need these things in this very difficult reimbursment climate!

  5. Pacware has actually provided a smooth upgrade path for the benefit of their customers.  With this complicated and difficult reimbursment climate, providers need solid technology solutions to assist with these challenges.  The modern system upgrade provides that help to our providers.   3000 individual companies now rely on and enjoy the technology solutions provided by Brightree.

To some degree, with the massive consolidation in the DMEPOS markeplace, history has "repeated itself" as the Medact company has now become part of Brightree (November 2013) and is also providing their companies a smooth upgrade path to Brightree, if desired.   Similar financial consideration and streamlined upgrade programs are available to both Medact and Pacware customers who want to upgrade to the modern system.

We invite you or anyone who is interested in discussing this upgrade and the related discounting and consideration to contact us directly.




Dave Markert
VP, HME Divistion, Brightree