Allied's prospects brighten

Sunday, March 31, 2002

ST. LOUIS - Allied Healthcare is reporting profits of almost $100,000 in its second quarter, up from a loss of nearly $91,000 in the same quarter last year. In the second half of this year, Allied said it would begin to focus on its B&F home care products line.

"We anticipate cost savings resulting from bringing manufacturing back in house and stronger order volume generated by an expanded telemarketing effort," said Earl R. Refsland, Allied's CEO. "In addition, we continue to build momentum in our product development area and expect to have new products on the market during this fiscal year." 
Refsland also indicated that Allied has received approval for a new credit facility that will replace its existing credit line and expects to close on the new facility during the fourth quarter. The new facility offers a lower interest rate and greater flexibility to allow for the financing of anticipated capital equipment purchases. HME