Aeroflow wants biz today and tomorrow

Friday, February 22, 2019

ASHVILLE, N.C. – With the rapid expansion of its business portfolio in recent years, Aeroflow Healthcare recently refreshed its brand to better reflect its commitment to customers.

Along with an updated logo, the company has a new tagline, “Live Better Today and Tomorrow.”

“We wanted a tag that helps to better encompass Aeroflow’s ultimate core value, which is helping our customers live a better life,” said Kristin Robinson, marketing manager. “One of our main goals is to provide customers with everything they may need throughout their entire lives.”

Aeroflow originally launched in 2001 as a provider of home oxygen services to Medicare beneficiaries in the Southeast. Over the years, it has grown its geographical footprint, acquiring several sleep companies in the fourth quarter of 2018; and expanding its offerings to include urological, incontinence and wound care supplies, mobility devices and breast pumps. More recent additions include bracing, compression and lymphedema pumps, says Robinson.

“We have a new team and their sole focus is on identifying a need within the market, and finding products typically covered by insurance that can help solve a problem and offer a solution,” she said. “It’s fun to test these products and get them out there to fill in the gaps in our product line.”

Along with products, Aeroflow prides itself on its educational resources, such as a Lactation Support Directory it launched in 2018 to help its customers use products safely and successfully, says Robinson.

“I really think that helps to set us apart,” she said. “We, of course, want to continue to grow as a provider, but it’s important to stay true to our roots which is a hometown company who truly cares about our customers.”