Accreditation: Make visit stress-free

Q. How can I be prepared for a visit from the National Supplier Clearinghouse?
Monday, April 29, 2019

A. Aside from an initial Medicare inspection, from time to time the National Supplier Clearinghouse can visit any DME provider to check in on you.  Instead of scrambling for the documents, we suggest having a Medicare inspection file handy with all documents needed. This way, even if the key employees are not there, they will have all the documents in one place and the inspection will run smoothly.

Here are the documents the investigator will ask for:

• State sales tax permit

• Pharmacy license (if applicable)

• Liability Insurance (make sure this is current and has the NSC listed as the certificate holder)

• Credit agreements or invoices

• DME/HME state license/permit (if applicable)

• IRS document for your initial enrollment

• Any employee held licenses (RT, OT, orthotist/prosthetist, certified fitter, ATP, etc.) when applicable.

• Oxygen permit (if applicable)

• List of all other medical entities the owner has stock in

• Business card (this is not listed on the inspection checklist, but we have seen this happen more times than not).

• Complaint resolution protocol and log

• Warranty policy

• Rental purchase option letter

• Educational documentation given to a patient on a particular item.

During the site inspection, the investigator will: Take pictures of your storefront and inventory for the type of address; check for handicap accessibility (designated parking, etc.); check the sign on the door. The sign must include your hours of operation and be clearly posted; and ask if you engage in telemarketing. They want to make sure you are following supplier standard No. 11 and not doing direct solicitation. If you are using a marketing company, be prepared to present that contract to make sure it is clearly stated and that they are following that standard.

Preparing for the above with your staff will make this visit as stress-free as possible.